June Perkins

Dr June Perkins was the coordinator of Licuala Writers (of the Cassowary Coast in Queensland), a writer for PhoenX a new dynamic street theatre company being established in the Tablelands, and has maintained creative blogs for 5 years.

She is of Mekeo and Australian background and in 2004 graduated from the University of Sydney (where she held a scholarship) with a PhD thesis – on the empowerment of Indigenous women through writing.

She has over 70 pieces of photography and writing published in anthologies, visual arts exhibitions, installations,academic journals in Australia , Europe and the USA as well as in group blogs and online publications. International artists, like Paulien Bats, have illustrated her words and incorporated them into their art works. She is working toward publishing her first art book of poetry and her own photography, a public exhibition of photography with two other artist/writers, a novel, and compiling the very first anthology of the Licuala Writers.

Her photography/poetry work was recently featured in the Foundation of Australian Agricultural Women’s Webinars with Professor Nell Arnold.

Since this blog was active during 2010 June has guest blogged cyclone yasi recovery for ABC Open, assisted in moderating the 500 words project on ABC Open ,  edited an anthology for the Licuala Writers, and been published in several NQ anthologies and moved to Brisbane.  She maintains contact with the North Queensland writers as they are such a warm and friendly bunch.


June’s Website


I am Blogger Hear Me Roar (Article on Blogging)


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