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Dr June Perkins was the coordinator of Licuala Writers (of the Cassowary Coast in Queensland), a writer for PhoenX a new dynamic street theatre company being established in the Tablelands, and has maintained creative blogs for 5 years.

She is of Mekeo and Australian background and in 2004 graduated from the University of Sydney (where she held a scholarship) with a PhD thesis – on the empowerment of Indigenous women through writing.

She has over 70 pieces of photography and writing published in anthologies, visual arts exhibitions, installations,academic journals in Australia , Europe and the USA as well as in group blogs and online publications. International artists, like Paulien Bats, have illustrated her words and incorporated them into their art works. She is working toward publishing her first art book of poetry and her own photography, a public exhibition of photography with two other artist/writers, a novel, and compiling the very first anthology of the Licuala Writers.

Since this blog was active during 2010 June has guest blogged cyclone yasi recovery for ABC Open, assisted in moderating the 500 words project on ABC Open and moved to Brisbane, and been published in several anthologies.  She maintains contact with the North Queensland writers as they are such a warm and friendly bunch.


June’s Website



Michael Bromage grew up in Cairns before moving to Townsville to study music composition at James Cook University.

In the final year of study he worked at Fox studios, Film Australia, and Audio Loc on various national and international films and television shows rubbing shoulders with Simon Leadley, Nicole Kidman and Baz Luhrmann.

After completing his studies he contributed to the development of a North Queensland based post-production studio producing advertising jingles, films, news, and multimedia. The studio developed and moved to Brisbane supported by a mixture of projects for small business, blue chip, and corporate clients such as Cairns Landrover Specialists, Coca-cola, BHP Billiton, The Australian Natural History Unit and National Geographic.

After a few years in Brisbane Michael embarked on a personal project to traverse the world through multimedia production services and to develop an international network of contacts, interacting with people in different countries of different cultures all over the globe. At the completion of this project he returned to his home town of Cairns to write and release a novel encompassing travel, love, and adventure interweaving an emotionally mind-blowing fictional story through his global adventures and sharing common truths.

Michael is currently studying a post-graduate degree in marketing, communication, and design at JCU Cairns, and is developing his next multimedia project. : online portfolio : book : travel picture blog

Since this project Michael has become a producer for ABC Open.


The daughter of a librarian and now secondhand bookshop owner, Melissa spent many of her early years covering books with clear vinyl in front of the telly. Every now and again one would catch her eye and entice her attention away from the box and between the covers into another world. Holidays are now spent behind the counter of at the foothills of the Dandenongs (Melbourne).

After completing a double major in Music and Drama at La Trobe University (Bundoora), Melissa went on to work for many years in theatre in various positions from Company Manager to Community Theatre Worker. With five years involvement with Theatresports as both a player and administrator, Melissa embraced the craft of improvisation and word play. However, never quite could get the hang of improvising Shakespearean prose in a blues song!

Melissa also had the honor of working with two playwrights, Andrea Lemon and Owen Love as a Writers Researcher. In particular, Mr Love’s work was focused on the reclaiming of historical Indigenous stories of the Australian Aboriginal people. This work entailed many hours pouring over archives in the Mortlock Library (Adelaide), interviews with hundreds of people and devising a database system to house all these references for easy retrieval. Four plays later, twice included in the National Playwrights Conference, and three productions at events such as Adelaide Festival of the Arts, Melissa still relishes the opportunity to delve deep into history and pluck out some unlikely characters and discover their purpose for being.

This is when Melissa discovered the joys of technology and how it can enhance a traditional craft such as writing and now an avid user of the internet for her work since discovering its many benefits to increase efficiencies and connect to the world. As the Initiator and Designer of the community based website through the open source program, JOOMLA, Melissa has first hand experience of the learning curve required to enter into this new world.

With 20 years experience as a community cultural development worker, facilitator of stories and trainer, Melissa now shares the skills of storytelling through the means of digital stories, “vox pop docos” (her own style of documentary story telling you can find on youtube). Above all, there is no doubt, Melissa loves a good yarn – telling it or listening, devising or editing.

The Tropical Writing Game is Melissa’s first writing blogging game – this will be yet another learning journey and made even more fun with her new found friends.

Since this blog Melissa continues to do amazing projects.



Talitha Mitchell is a 25 year old student/writer studying a Bachelor of Psychology at JCU. Her interests include: writing, psychology, herpetology, art, graphic and web design, reading, cooking and photography. Talitha recently returned to the far North from Melbourne after a long hiatus from the tropics. She loves the wildlife, but is suitably appalled she needed to buy a whole new wardrobe that included shorts.

In the multimedia team, Talitha provides a psychological twist on the evolution of technology and the way it interacts with people—and visa versa.

Her website can be found here:

Since this blog Talitha has continued on with her writing and is working on an ebook speculative fiction series.



Just a few of the Tropical Writers

Diane Finlay Tropical Writers, Letizia of BCC, Bernadette Curnuck TW graphic designer, Hazel Menahira also of Tropical Writers. This was taken at Writers In the Red Shed at Yungaburra.

The Tropical Writers after meeting with and receiving suggestions from various regional writing groups and writers asked that this blog be created and included as part of the fun activities in the lead up to and during Tropical Writer’s festival. This activity is accessible from wherever you are in Queensland and the world.


Festival 2010 - Final Graphics Jpeg May 18

The Tropical writers continue on with their success with anthologies and festivals.  Some of their members have blogs.


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